the mfg agenda

Monday, January 18, 2010

The MFG Agenda

Okay okay so new year new resolutions new plans new this new that's same deal here at the mfg offices there's gonna be alot of activity first up of course is the "We Want In" campaign to be spearheaded by the podcast format radio show to be called the mfg agenda which can be suscribed to and is in the process of being constructed
Yea i kno why tell us if its not ready ? I just don't want anything half assed thats all also at the top of 2010 is KrysC'Bang's come back tape Pink Cocaine which is supposed to be slated for a March release again look out for her single "Boyshorts" it's a smash plz belive nah lol alot has been going into this project development wise B.A.E c.e.o Official is also workin on a couple records there's also
An upcoming photo shoot slated for the end of January for mfg's clients and some video interviews from KrysC'Bang, Nicole & Official oh and of course look out for those laptop stickers anyways until then it's mfg media baby 100!!!!
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