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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mfgmedia? Whats That About? Who Runs It?

all these questions its quite understandable it really came to me out the blue (even tho blogging is really popular right now) with me doing this whole artist management thing it started to take shape in my head different ways i can get listeners aqquainted with the talent roster we have currently at some point it comes down to advertising and to be honest at this point those dollars havent become readily available to us as yet but i thought to myself hey we are'nt completely imobilized theres still the world wide web right?! And so mfg media was born mfgmedia stands for millenium flow global media.
which serves as an umbrella for two subsidaries riot life 83 & mfgm publishing all patents pending.

who runs it? I do. who am I? Lights Out the flesh of course lol. I spent most of this week group texting everyone I knew telling anyone I ran into in person, on Facebook, on Twitter, Myspace is next tho not as popular as it used to be but hey an outlet is an outlet next up laptop stickers and college radio the 2010 "WE WANT IN" campaign kicks off in new york & texas so there u have it u kno who we is u kno what we do now it's up to u cuz I kno what it is already we're the movement ur gonna wanna move with.

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