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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello world

What's up everybody welcome to my blog over the next few months I'll cover everything from gadgets to popular music and politics to my labels journey into the music industry as well as the rise of a few promising newcomers hope everyone enjoys feel free to drop a comment or two and most importantly the subjects covered on this blogsite are based on opinion mostly so don't take anything to personal we are not thinking about you so keep ur knickers unbunched Kay ! Peace.

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  1. this is da kid K.sose... SVTY is in da fukin'g buildin'!!!!!!! Blak i see u nigga!!!!!! millenium flow nigga!!!!! SVTY out!!!!!!

  2. awww brother ilovee ya blog
    thanks muchh fa puttin ma ex husband who im bout to remarry 1st yayy(:
    lovee ur blog ill keep u up to datee so ican get ma own spot lol
    ubetta get datt model nicole lol

  3. wussup its ya girl KrysC Bang good stuff...this blog is official very nice!!!

    ooo watch out ppl light outz in da flesh...well he's a rare breed put it like that!!

  4. what's up boy? like the blog my dude. me like....